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The intention of Dynamic Aging 4 Life Magazine is to create a community of people who are changing the paradigm of aging. We seek to challenge the stereotypes of aging by sharing true stories about aging dynamically, to explore what’s possible, inspire one another, and empower by example.

Pat and Irv

For the Love of Pat

I don’t know what the odds are of a couple to actually have a marriage that really works. My wife, Pat, and I were married for 68 years before she died earlier this year from COVID-related issues. The last three or four years were more difficult because she was diagnosed

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Lost and Found

In April 2023, two months shy of my 87th birthday, I called a friend to tell her where I was hiking and then drove to the trailhead. On a lovely spring morning, I started up a familiar trail that was covered in snow. Still, I made my way up the

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Christine with her Diploma

One Degree Hotter

At age 63, when most of my friends were retired or actively planning to do so, I enrolled in a three-year doctoral program. It was a 25 hour-a-week gig on top of my full-time job, only worse. It was an unpaid gig and it would drain my bank account at

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Tessa on board a ship to the Bahamas


If someone had suggested, even two years ago, that I would be choosing to live in the independent living portion of a senior community, I would have thought, “Well, they obviously don’t know me!” New Year’s Eve 2022 I moved into a lovely apartment on the third floor of a

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Earl on Palos Verdes Ride 2022

Never Too Old to be a Krank

One of the best Christmases I ever had was when I was eleven years old. I opened the sliding doors and saw two bicycles, one for me and one for my brother. Now I could “ride bikes” with friends and get a job as a paperboy. And I have never

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Finding My Tribe

I looked around at the group of cyclists shivering in a parking lot at 8 a.m. on a chilly fall Saturday in Orinda, CA. “What the hell was I doing here?” I asked myself. I wasn’t a cyclist, but I had agreed to join my friend Val to train for

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