The intention of Dynamic Aging 4 Life Magazine is to create a community of people who are changing the paradigm of aging.

We seek to challenge the stereotypes of aging by telling stories about aging dynamically, to explore what’s possible, inspire one another, and empower by example.

We invite you to write your story about aging dynamically to inspire others to open the door to possibilities, and to model what that might look like –– physically, creatively, and in every way –– regardless of age.

Contact us and let us know what’s going on with you. What’s your story? What’s next for you? Or are you inspired by someone? Tell us!

Meet the Team

Dynamic Aging 4 Life Magazine | Willis Allen

Willis Allen, 87, retired after 28 years as an engineer and Information Technology (IT) Specialist working on the design of thrill ride safety systems for the Walt Disney Company.

Early in his career with the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, California, he was part of the telemetry team that successfully launched the US satellite, Explorer I, into orbit, marking the beginning of the US space age in 1958.

As an avid hiker, he is the hero of A Journey of Self-Discovery with his wife, Joan, as well as father, grandfather and dynamic ager.

Dynamic Aging 4 Life Magazine | Willis Allen
Joan Virginia Allen, 85, is a certified professional life coach at Coaching Dynamic Aging. She co-authored the book Dynamic Aging: Simple Steps to Whole-Body Mobility, is a blogger, hiker, tree climber, fitness instructor, wife, mother, and grandmother.

Joan has been interviewed about her work as a dynamic ager by The Washington Post, Maria Shriver on The Today Show, USA Today, and other media.

After completing A Journey of Self-Discovery with husband, Willis, Joan wanted a unique venue (the magazine) where “older” people share how they are dynamically aging – an opportunity to pay it forward and change the paradigm of aging.

Dynamic Aging 4 Life Magazine | Willis Allen

Michael J. Fitzgerald, 75, has been a reporter and editor with six daily newspapers and published in more than 100 magazines ranging from sailboat-oriented Cruising World to canine-devoted Dog Fancy.

He writes a weekly general interest column for the Geneva, NY Finger Lakes Times and is an editor and writer with the Richmond Pulse newspaper in Richmond, CA.

Fitzgerald retired from California State University, Sacramento after 30+ years as a journalism professor and has published three eco-thriller novels. He is a New York native and lives in a floating home on a tributary of the Willamette River near Portland, Oregon.

Dynamic Aging 4 Life Magazine | Willis Allen

Sylvia Fox, 72, is a dynamic ager who teaches virtual Dynamic Aging classes and workshops. She is a certified life and fitness Coach, a second career after retiring as a journalism professor at Cal State, Sacramento.

Sylvia continues to write and edit. In her non-working hours, she hikes, paddleboards, and kayaks. She has just joined the paddlers with the Portland (Oregon) Golden Dragon Boat team.

Visit her site at FitzFix Coaching.