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Social-media sites offer an amazing opportunity for garnering a massive readership for your story. You might already have a social profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin. If not, what are you waiting for? Start now. It is a great place to share a link to your story and get your friends reading it.


Add a link on your own website to your publication credits. Drive traffic to your story with a brief announcement. Or, if you are already blogging on your own site why not create a new post letting readers know the back story that inspired you to share your story with Dynamic Aging 4 Life Magazine. Be sure to include a ‘read more’ link that takes readers straight to your story’s permalink.


Commenting is a fun way to interact with your readers and create a buzz around the article, experience or topic that inspired you to write. Invite your friends and family for their thoughts on your story. They will probably provide you with some excellent feedback and insight on the post! Click here for a sample e-mail template you can use to let your list know your story is live.


There’s no sense in publishing your story if nobody knows it’s there. Go online and find other great blogs that may be interested in sharing your article with their readers. Just be sure to approach them respectfully and with genuine interest. Mention why you like their blog, and why you think your story is beneficial to share.


Ask your friends and followers to leave comments on the site if they like your story. This builds your online profile and shows you have an appreciative audience.


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