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Please tell us your story, the story that illustrates how a choice you have made in your life has challenged the assumptions about aging.  Just send us a few short sentences that give us an overview of your story you would like to write for publication in Dynamic Aging 4 Life Magazine  that has a beginning, middle and end.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not send us the completed story.

To help get you started, below are samples of successful story proposals!

“When I grow up, I want to be like you,” I said to my daughter, Cami. I was 80 years old. With those 10 words, a series of amazing events was set in motion including travel, exploring, inspiring, transformation, my first ever business at 81 and a life’s calling. The idiom is “Like Mother, Like Daughter.” This is my story of how I chose to become more like my daughter, Cami.

When I was 21, I always wanted to be a Major League baseball player. In high school and college, I was on baseball teams with mixed success. My story is about how at 79 years young, I made the senior league Triple AAA baseball league team in my city. My training regimen, the amazing feeling to play in the local stadium and my first base hit, just this week.

When my son suggested he and I walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain together, I was flattered and terrified. The story I would like to write is about not letting medical issues rule your life or crush your dreams –
even at 75.
I realized even if we didn’t do the Camino, our time hiking together has been a precious gift.

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