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Art Encounters Age

Painterly Questions - a self-portrait by Don Fay

It’s rather common knowledge that past age 90 or even before, one is in the realm of “patch up.” This includes eating and drinking more carefully, and dealing with various infirmities that seem to clock in regularly with age. I’m in that category at 96+ but besting it in many ways, like any good Boy […]

Just Ask

Carol Lettko

I have had a fulfilling career as a speech and language pathologist for the past 40 plus years. As my husband climbed the corporate ladder and our family moved around the country to meet opportunities for him, I was always able to continue to follow my passion and find a job. From working on neurological […]

Saved By The Whisper of My Heart

Caron with granddaughter Chloe

I remember like it was yesterday, but it was 46 years ago. At 13 years old, I watched my 39-year-old mother die of a heart attack. Even at that age, I heard from someone, somewhere, that women’s symptoms present differently than men when having a heart attack. I couldn’t understand that if this was true, […]

Staying Clear of the Slippery Slope

My father died at 69 of a heart attack. Rumor has it his father also died at 69 of a heart attack. When I turned 69, I worried each time I had the slightest chest pain. When I turned 70 and didn’t die, I celebrated by getting a tattoo and have gotten another each year […]

I Turned Old – Overnight

Karing with walking sticks - April 2023

I went to bed on St Patrick’s Day 2023 in a rosy glow after spending the evening with good friends. When I woke up the next morning, I thought I was drunk. I couldn’t walk straight, my hearing was off, and as I discovered when I drove my car, my thinking was off. “This red […]

The Miracle of Reconnecting

Ruth and Stjepan with Roses at the Pier

When I retired in 2020 at 70, I began a campaign to reach back in time to try to reconnect with people who had been important to me earlier in my life. I sent out 10 letters to people who had touched my heart but with whom I had lost contact along the way. Since […]

Finding My Purpose in Retirement

Patricia in Boat on Lake Pend'Oreille, Idaho

Retirement is one of the hardest jobs I’ve had. I’ve had a lifetime of being extremely productive and busy. My career path, starting in the 70s, was an explosive rise to the top. I made a ‘how-to’ film in college: “How to Have an Orgasm,” which was distributed to every US college campus. By 1976, […]

Dynamic Aging with Osteoporosis

Allison Standing on Sailboat

I still feel about 42, even though it’s been around a decade and a half since I was that age. I’ve loved every year so far, but in my 40’s I felt like I’d grown into my skin, my brain and my sense of self. I’ve always remembered an essay by Carol Shields in her […]

Sound Aging

Magda Peck

The first time I noticed it was hard to hear was in 10th grade. Voices started sounding fuzzy, and sometimes I couldn’t understand teachers when they faced the blackboard. A screening test showed mild hearing loss, and given I had measles as a young child, the pediatrician said to have it checked again in a […]

The Joy of Collaboration

Patty at Front of Room with Water Color Paintings

Like many of us, I experienced several losses at the beginning of Covid which made the isolation especially hard to deal with. Professionally, I was a Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Art Therapist in private practice for over 20 years. It wasn’t an easy road to get there. It took several years to finish […]